Deluxe Pool Cue and Table Repair Kit - Classic Sport Billiards

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Classic Sport Authentic Billiards

Deluxe Pool Cue & Table Repair Kit

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MPN: 1-1-01859-C
  • The Classic Deluxe Pool Cue Repair Kit is essential for the maintenance and long-term upkeep of your billiard table.
  • Re-tip old pool cues using 12 leather tips - six 12mm and six 13mm for greater precision and accuracy.
  • Four pieces of chalk let you chalk up the tip during gameplay to increase friction between pool cue tips and cue ball.
  • One tube of cue tip cement lets you glue the pool stick tips on firmly and tightly, so they won't budge once in place.
  • Use the metal clamp to make sure the professional cue tips are attached to the ferrules and the glue has time to dry sturdy and straight.
  • Make this kit part of your essential pool table accessories! Includes 3 pieces of sandpaper to rough up the glue side of the leather.
  • Two pieces of cloth mender allow you patch up and maintain the felt surface of your table. Table spots protect the table from wear and serve as positional markers.
  • Kit includes 12 leather tips, 4 pieces of chalk, 1 tube cue tip cement, 1 metal clamp, 3 pieces of sandpaper, 2 pieces of cloth mender and 2 table spots.

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