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Look smart and feel secure anywhere with our personal grooming aid, the ColdSteel Honey Comb. Precision manufactured at great expense, it has the innocuous appearance of a simple hairbrush, but the fully functional brush also acts as a sheath that conceals an effective stiletto! Rather than use metal, the Honey Comb has been injection molded from Zy-Ex a tough, stiff nylon and fiberglass composite. We believe the Honey Comb is the all-round answer to personal defense at home, at work or overseas. As a hairbrush it's particularly appropriate in glove compartments, luggage, a backpack, or a woman's handbag, and its unassuming appearance won't turn heads or draw unwanted attention.


  • WEIGHT 2.2 oz.
  • THICKNESS 1/2'
  • BLADE LENGTH 3 5/8'
  • HANDLE 4 1/4" Long Zy-Ex™
  • STEEL/MATERIAL Polypropylene
  • OVERALL 7 7/8" (8 1/4" with Brush)
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURE Cruciform Style Blade.

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